FX News - Term 4 Dec 2013

2019 TERM 3

Hello term 3, and congratulations to Alex on achieving her black belt. She did an amazing creative form to compliment the rest of her grading. Black belt is a very high standard and members are expected to know all their forms, and self defenses as well as other criteria including board breaking. 

It was delightful to see members learn their new techniques and embrace these so successfully.

Please see our FX Instagram and Facebook for updated pictures of grading's and competition's.

We were proud to see how our new members developed and even some just training one day a week were able to attain another full level. We hope many of these members will continue such dedication and continue it through to the competitions. The usual process is that if members can only train once a week then they may attain one level. If members are not ready that is perfectly fine as we all learn at different rates and also have other external commitments.

I have placed term 3 dates on the site beside this letter and implore members to place dates in their diary.  It is important that members plan for their grading and don't leave it to last minute preparation as this is rarely successful. 

We have returned to training at St James in the Maureena Tilly building, which can be found off Osborne St.


We are continuing classes at St Finbar's. We have the use of a  beautiful hall on Thursdays at 3.45, and members not from St Finbar's are welcome to train there too. Students can have a free trial. These classes will be run learning the traditional techniques, weaponry and sparring both World Tkd Style and NAS.(National All Styles)  


Term fees will shortly be issued. Those of you preferring to pay DD will have those broken down and not have the one of larger payment.

As mentioned previously we are moving to a direct debit system. Well done to those members that locked their fees in for the life of their training in term 2 2018.

The direct Debit system is based on the 4 terms but spread out over the 52 weeks with fortnightly or monthly deductions, to make it easier for families.


Members going for black belts are required to have 10 weeks of weapons and 10 weeks of sparring class to be well rounded for their grading. You can plan these in a variety of ways and I suggest you speak to the instructors to asses what will work best for you.


Team FX went and competed in Round 1 of the National All Styles Competition. We took quite a big group and encourage other members to try this competition. It is a great way to perfect patterns, build confidence, and witness other martial arts.

Congratulations to those that won medals though as instructors we are proud of all those that compete and challenge themselves and this is a real growth experience.


Black FX T-shirts are permitted in all classes except grading's.  

Members are to have a logo on their white uniform for grading's, if you have lost it a new one can be bought for $10. 

Those competing in sparring are permitted to wear the TEAM FX black polo.

I have only a handful of small sizes of the crew neck T-shirts that I am selling out; previously $20 now $10. This style has been discontinued.


Please bring water bottles, this way drink breaks can be less disruptive to the class. Many members are forgetting these and for those doing the after school programs, snacks must be consumed before class and members who are consistently late are missing valuable training time.


* 1st class Wednesday 17th July
* tkd grading 14th Sept
* DoubleStick Grading September 7th.
* Bongsul Grading TBC

                    TERM 4
*1st Class Monday 7th Oct
*TKD grading 14th Dec
*Double Stick grading 7th Dec

  • NAS 2019 Round 2  May 26th
  •                   Round 3 Aug 18 STATE championship Oct 27th
  • Nationals Vic Dec 30th & 1st