FX News - Term 4 Dec 2013

2019 TERM 4

Welcome to term 4. 

It was delightful to see members learn their new techniques and embrace them so successfully over the last term. Go to our Facebook and Instagram site to see grading photos and some action shots including our board breaking video. 

Now it is time to 'buckle in" for forth term as we anticipate this will be a big one for many of you.   

For some your black belt journey is continuing for others the goal of that black belt is waiting for you this December! There is a lot to learn, practice and absorb so please continue to add to your knowledge from week 1. 

This term we will also go to the NAS state finals, and for those that compete this month they will also qualify for the Nationals. We are lucky they are in Melbourne this year so less travel for us :) See below for the dates and venues.

Please note that FX Fitness works through the long weekend and there will be classes Saturday the 2nd of November.

We are changing our time table to trial fight class in the 1-2 pm time slot as many members found that it was too difficult to stay for the 3 hours, or to come in at 2 pm. Normal techniques class will run simultaneously, or members can do the 12 pm for technique and 1 pm for fight, if your are wanting to do 2 or more programs.

We are continuing classes at St Finbar's. We have the use of a  beautiful hall on Thursdays at 3.45, and members not from St Finbar's are welcome to train there too. Students can have a free trial. These classes will be run learning the traditional techniques, weaponry and sparring both World Tkd Style and NAS.(National All Styles)  


Term fees will shortly be issued. Those of you preferring to pay DD will have those broken down and not have the one of larger payment.


Members going for black belts are required to have a minimum of 10 weeks of sparring class to be well rounded for their grading. You can plan these in a variety of ways and I suggest you speak to the instructors to asses what will work best for you.


The dates for the NAS finals will be :

STATES: 27th October - Darebin YMCA

NATIONALS: 30th and 1st December - Springers Leisure Centre Keysbourgh


Black FX T-shirts are permitted in all classes except grading's.  

Members are to have a logo on their white uniform for grading's, if you have lost it a new one can be bought for $10. 

Those competing in sparring are permitted to wear the TEAM FX black polo.

I have only a handful of small sizes of the crew neck T-shirts that I am selling out; previously $20 now $10. This style has been discontinued.


Please bring water bottles, this way drink breaks can be less disruptive to the class. Many members are forgetting and for those doing the after school programs, snacks must be consumed before class. Members who are consistently late are missing valuable training time and do have points deducted from grading scores which can put them at a disadvantage.



                    TERM 4
*1st Class Monday 7th Oct
*TKD grading 14th Dec
*Double Stick grading 7th Dec
last Day of term Dec 14th 

*  STATE championship Oct 27
Nationals Vic Dec 30th & 1st